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Hospital Authority referrals for CT-Scan, mammography, ultrasound, X-ray, and bone density examination discounts

​Referral Letter from Hospital Authority Public Hospitals

Anyone who holds a referral letter issued by a public hospital approved by the Hospital Authority can enjoy a referral discount as low as 35%. For details, please refer to the price list below.

  • CT-Scan referral letter

  • Referral Letter for Mammography

  • Ultrasound referral letter

  • ​X-ray referral letter

  • Bone Density Test Referral Letter


Hospital Authority referral discounts are as low as 25%:

Your diagnosis report and medical images can be uploaded to the computer system of a public hospital, so that your attending doctor can review it in detail and explain the diagnosis result to you during your follow-up consultation.
For details, please call: 2956 3988 for further information and appointment.

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