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3D Mammogram (3D Mammography)

What is a 3D Mammogram?

Prestige is one of the few medical centers that can provide 3D mammogram services in Hong Kong.  3D mammogram machines in Hong Kong are rare and limited to only a selected few medical centers. With the mammogram machine, a 3D mammogram uses tiny X-rays to penetrate the breast to detect breast lumps or diagnose tumors. It can detect untouched breast lumps and even detect tiny calcification points to help early breast cancer diagnosis. These calcifications are usually not detectable by ultrasound. 

The Benefits of a 3D Mammogram?

A 3D Mammogram is different from traditional mammograms as it can recreate a 3-dimensional picture of the breast using multiple images instead of one. The advantage of using multiple mammogram images as opposed to one is that it will give the doctors a clearer image of breast masses. Hence, a 3D Mammogram makes it easier for doctors to detect breast cancer earlier. Furthermore, doctors could more easily identify the cancer size significantly better than regular mammograms. 

Do 3D Mammograms hurt more than regular mammograms?

3D mammogram machines take more images when compared to regular mammograms.  Discomfort could occur during any form of mammograms, but with new technology, it would only take less than 5 seconds for the 3D mammogram machine to take over 60-70 images. Hence, 3D mammograms could provide a more comfortable experience when compared with regular mammograms. 

How often do I need to undergo a 3D Mammogram?

Women who are 40 or more or high-risk women (such as a family history of breast cancer) should receive mammograms in Hong Kong once a year.

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