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What is a CT-Scan?

CT Scan, also known as computer tomography, is a safe and advanced examination that uses X-ray rotation to illuminate the human body and scans clear and three-dimensional images of organs with computer technology. CT Scan is mainly used to detect whether there are cancer lesions on the body or to stage cancer. A CT Scan could also check whether there are structural lesions in coronary arteries or other blood vessels, assess the degree of physical trauma, and diagnose infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. The current multi-view CT-Scan can take a faster imaging time so that the patient can receive a smaller amount of radiation, but at the same time get a clearer image of the organ.

Prestige Medical Imaging Centre provides advanced CT Scan equipment.

As a comprehensive and reliable computer scanning center, Prestige Medical Imaging Center and Prestige Women's Imaging Center are equipped with advanced Japanese Canon AQUILION Prime SP 160  section ultra-low radiation dose computerized tomography equipment. Ensuring that you will have one of the most reliable CT-Scan in Hong Kong.

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